Zack Hughes

US Army Special Forces Green Beret, Entrepreneur,

Zack Hughes is a US Army Special Forces Green Beret, entrepreneur, and public speaker. With sparks ignited by his grandfather who served in WW2, and the tragedy of 9/11 that happened while in highschool, Zack always knew he needed to serve his nation. He decided Green Beret was the route for him and when the dust settled in Special Forces Class 296, he was the Echo class Valedictorian.

Zack has spent the years since his Army service scaling a nonprofit and building businesses. He is the former COO of Elite Meet, a veteran non-profit that connects elite military talent to elite organizations across the world. In 2019 while scaling Elite Meet he decided to hit social media hard and downloaded all platforms for the first time. Fast forward 2 years and he has 1.1 Million social media followers on all the platforms combined.

Zack is the Co-founder of Apex Elite, an entrepreneur coaching program that brings Navy SEALs and Special Operators directly 1on1 with entrepreneurs to align discipline, culture, and teamwork, at the highest level. He is also the founder of Operators Association, one of the largest military mentorship programs in the US. Operators Association connects Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Special Operators to the next generation of America’s fighters through mentorship and physical events across the Nation.

Zack’s overall mentality of “staying in student mode” has allowed him to pivot quickly from his previous identities and allowed him to rapidly grow in new arenas.