Jaime Gonzalez


Jaime is a full-time real estate syndicator with over 4,600 units in ownership. He helps busy professionals invest in stabilized, cash-flowing passive multifamily real estate. Jaime purchases very large apartment communities and renovate the properties to help improve the quality of life even more for the residents in the community. He concentrates in landlord friendly markets primarily in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and the Carolinas.

He owns multiple eye practices and have worked in a variety of Glaucoma facilities as well as other eye medical office settings. He has a special interest in specialty contact lens fitting and ocular surface disease including dry eye disease.

His goal is to continue to build strong relationships with investors, brokers, co-workers, and social media contacts. Jaime also strives to continue to provide financial freedom for many of my investors while obtaining more time to spend with their families. While maintaining high standards of care, building strong relationships with brokers, his main priority is to provide the best possible service to both his investors and my employees. By listening and sharing feedback from my peers, Jaime helps his investors and co-workers grow and succeed.