Dr. Hoa Nguyen

Real Estate Syndicator,

Dr. Hoa Nguyen is an entrepreneur, business leader, eye doctor, author, an accredited real estate investor/syndicator and a proud mommy and wife. She has ownership in over $200M in real estate acquisitions and is invested in over 4,600 units. She owns two successful multi-million dollar eye practices named Eye Pieces in DFW and co-founded 20/20 Platinum Capital to help families invest passively in multifamily.

Dr. Hoa Nguyen, along with her husband, have owned Eye Pieces for 10 years with the same loyal team they started with, and they continue to grow and expand their practices with 3 associate doctors. She has been practicing for 15 years. They have a 6 year old daughter, named Athena, and enjoy financial freedom, as well as time freedom. Their passion is to educate others on financial freedom, travel the world to experience different cultures, and contribute back locally within the community, as well as different orphanages around the world.